The Difference is in the Details

Faithful Replicas

There is something so warm and poignant about these pieces. Every crucifix, centerpiece, and medal is a hand-cast replica of vintage and antique originals found all over the world. My favorite pieces were worn smooth by their original owners, and I always wonder who that person was, and how their faith brought them closer to Christ.

Mantle Wrap

The Mantle Wrap was the answer to prayer. I was having trouble with the awkwardness of my links and their long necks. I wanted my handmade rosaries to look like vintage pieces from the start, so I whined prayed for a better way. And then inspiration struck: “If I wrap it like this…” I believe that it is the most beautiful, durable, and manageable wire-wrapping method that you will find anywhere. And it’s guaranteed for life.

Wire and Gauges

Durability, ease of care, and aesthetic are just a few of the reasons that I use solid Argentium silver (.930) and solid bronze. There may be a few rosaries offered in oxidized brass wire to begin with, but when that supply of wire is gone, we will only offer solid silver and bronze. Product descriptions include all element details.

For both silver and bronze, I use thicker gauges of 21 and 20 for an even stronger link, and sometimes 19 depending on the needs of the design. If you’ve ever noticed the wire links of the old antique rosaries, you’ve probably noticed the thinness of the 24 and 26 gauge wires, which, sadly, is why they often broke. Gauge is as important as the quality of the alloy in determining how long your rosary will last. Thicker = stronger.

Principles of Gemology

Gemology is the fascinating study of gems. From it, we learn about hardness, toughness, and the composition and stability of gems.

Over the years, I've learned the hard way to prioritize strength. Although painful, I was reminded that ignoring gemology comes at a cost.

Beads are so very special. They are the incense of the laity, carrying our prayers to Heaven.


Real-life rosaries tend to get into a lot of trouble, so they have to be tough. There are toddlers, the floor of the van, the inside of backpacks, war zones, dogs, cats - you name it. A rosary needs to survive it all.

This is why you won't ever see soft gemstones here, no matter how enchanting they sound. Did you know that if Angelite gets wet it will turn into gypsum? (Gypsum is the soft stuff in drywall.)

I play it safe and stick with gemstones that are proven tough. Jaspers, Agates, the Quartzes, and more. These beads aren't afraid of nuthin'.

Do you see the reflection of my smartphone?


Pearls possess a particular inner glow that reminds me so much of Our Blessed Mother, reflecting the light of her Son. This radiance comes from the pearl's nacre, the lustrous outer coating. Like wire, when it comes to nacre, the thicker, the better, the more resilient – and the more valuable the gem. Freshwater pearls are nacre to their tissue-nucleated core, making them more durable than their saltwater counterparts.

I am very blessed to work with a pearl house that curates extraordinary gems. Each raw strand is hand selected and always includes a GIA-certified written appraisal. These are everything we want to see in gems: truly round, no surface flaws, and luminescent with a reflection so defined that even facial features are distinct when gazing upon these pearls. Absolutely nothing compares.


The difference is in the details, yes. But the real difference of a Miracoli rosary isn't about the rosary maker or even the beads themselves. It's about your faith, the people you love.

And who you want to become.