Rosary Fundraiser for Lelya's House Serving At-risk Youth

Building the Our Lady of Sorrows rosary from Sterling wire, Botswana agate, and Hypersthene


One of the very best things that I get to do as a business owner and a rosary maker is to help causes that are near and dear to my heart.

Today I’m rebuilding this Our Lady of Sorrows chaplet into a full rosary that's part of a giveaway to benefit children in desperate need of hope.  It’s solid Sterling silver throughout with a beautiful Crucifix, an Our Lady of Sorrows centerpiece, Botswana agate Aves, and wonderfully meditative Hypersthene Paters.  All hand-wrought by yours truly in the Mantle Wrap for lasting durability.  It would retail in the shop for $254, but you have a chance to win it - and several other terrific items - over at Renaissance Mama.

"Renaissance Mama" Nissa and I met back in 2006 in a mom's group online and have been friends ever since. She and her family have a beautiful heart for adoption, and two of their children are from Bulgaria; they saw first hand what children in orphanages are up against, and it's not pretty.  This is a family of do-ers, so they have established a fantastic project back in the village where their children grew up.  “Lelya’s House” will be a permaculture center where at-risk youth can learn important skills for a real livelihood.  A true beacon of hope for children rejected and written off by society, teaching them instead of their inherent dignity and worth.

The wonderful thing about starting a project in Eastern Europe is that just a bit of money does big things. They only need $10,000 to close on the property, which we can do in two shakes when we come together.  $50 is great; $5 bucks makes a difference.  And if you’re not able to donate, the most important gift you can give is to like, share, and tag @renaissancemama so that we can spread the word and give them hope.  These kids didn't choose to be where they are; let's do a beautiful thing and help them to believe in something better.